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Barking Dog Fitness

A New Concept in Doggie Daycare

At Barking Dog Fitness, we believe dogs need more than just a walk around the block or occasional play from their daycare experience. Dogs need structured exercise and one-on-one attention to keep them healthy and happy. That’s why we designed our Day Fitness and Care program – to help you help your dog stay healthy and happy!

Make your life easier while ensuring your dog’s ultimate health and fitness.

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Barking Dog Fitness

It's a Gym for your Dog!

  • Customized workout programs
  • Weight loss and fitness
  • Indoor warm water aqua therapy
  • Limited number of dogs in our day fitness program ensures your dog gets personal attention

"My 3 year old rescue, Lulu, was a couch potato and as a result gained weight and was getting winded on our walks. I knew I needed to do something and Barking Dog Fitness was the answer. She gets the special attention she loves, and her workouts have caused her to lose weight, gain muscle mass, and dramatically improve her endurance. She is truly a rock star now thanks to Barking Dog Fitness!"

Leslie Sims