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2015 – The Year of Fitness Gadgets

I think 2015 is going to be the year of fitness gadgets for both you and your dog.

In 2014, activity trackers from companies like Fitbit became very popular, and in 2015, I think we’ll not only see more of these devices but also see major improvements so they can not only monitor movement and sleep, but also different types of movement and things like heart rate and more.

One cool thing about these devices is everything is tracked through your smart phone.

Seems as though the same thing is true with your dog.

There are a number of new gadgets coming out that can track your dog’s activity level, sendinWoman running with her dogg the updates to your phone.

The Whistle is one such device.

It allows you to set a daily activity goal, track progress, monitor the type and quality of exercise he’s getting and more.

A really cool thing about the Whistle is that it tracks time you spend with your dog, so you can also monitor your own activity.

Another is the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker.

Now selling on pre-order, its main function is to track your dog’s location should he get lost, but it also tracks exercise levels and ambient temperature to make sure your dog isn’t too hot or cold!

One that’s also soon to be shipping is called Fitbark.

It’s a daily activity monitor that turns activity into something called BarkPoints.

Then there’s a product called Voyce.

It’s expected to ship in March of this year. It measures key indicators to help you keep your dog as healthy as possible.

All of these products and others typically attach to your dog’s collar. They all cost around $100 or more depending on features.

We’re fortunate because we get to take our dogs to work with us most days, so I know exactly how much exercise my dog is getting. Skully swimming in the indoor pool at Rocky's Retreat

From swims in our indoor pool, playing fetch in our back yard, to walks on the weekends, I make sure he stays in shape. So I doubt I’ll ever buy one of these gadgets.

But if you want to step up your dog’s workouts and want to track his exercise regimen to help him stay healthy, one of these trackers may just do the trick.

After all, it’s certainly a lot less money to keep a dog healthy than it is to treat disease and declining health after it occurs.