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Why should I choose Barking Dog Fitness over other doggie daycare facilities?

Barking Dog Fitness offers the only day fitness program of its kind. Unlike traditional dog daycare, dogs attending our Day Fitness and Care program will participate in structured exercise sessions that are customized for each dog. We also limit the number of dogs each day to ensure your dog gets the one-on-one attention he or she deserves. See Why Barking Dog Fitness? for more details.

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How are dogs selected for your program?

A comprehensive evaluation is performed. It includes a behavior assessment as well as a physical evaluation. Since our program consists of a customized workout specifically designed for your dog, we want to evaluate his/her physical condition. We will take into account your goals for your dog, but we will make the appropriate recommendation based on our evaluation. If your dog passes our behavior assessment and we believe our fitness program is a good fit for your dog, he/she will be selected for enrollment into our program.

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What paperwork is required for my dog to be considered for your day fitness program?

An Intake form, Policies and Procedures form and a Release of Liability form must be completed and submitted at the time of your evaluation. These forms can be downloaded from the Policies page.

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Can I bring my dog in anytime for an evaluation?

No, evaluation interviews are by appointment only. Please call to schedule your dog’s evaluation interview.

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What are you hours of operation?

Hours are 7:30am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday. Our Day Fitness program is not open on Saturday, Sunday or the following days: New Year’s eve/day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas eve/day.

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Are there specific drop off and pick up time?

Drop off begins as early as 7:30am. You may drop your dog off any time after that. As a courtesy, and to accommodate our schedule with Rocky’s Retreat clients, we request that you give us an approximate time when to expect your arrival. Pickup time is no later than 6:30pm or late fees will be assessed.

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What happens if I’m late to pick up my dog?

Late fees will assessed. Beginning at 6:30pm, you will be charged $10 for every 15 minutes you are late. Unless prior arrangements are made, if you don’t pick up your dog by 7pm, your dog will be placed in a boarding facility of our choosing for the night. You are responsible for all charges associated with the boarding.

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What vaccinations are required?

We require proof of rabies and bordetella. We will accept proof of DHLLP via vaccination or titres.

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Can I get my bordetella vaccine right before he comes in for daycare?

You must wait at least 10 days before starting dog daycare. The vaccine has an incubation period before becoming effective and protecting your dog.

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Do you require fecal testing?

Yes, we require proof of a negative fecal test to be submitted every 6 months.

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Does my dog need to be on a flea preventative?

Yes, we require all dogs attending our Day Fitness and Care program be on year round flea preventative. While it is unlikely your dog will get fleas while here, there is always that possibility anytime your dog is exposed to other animals. If your dog is on flea preventative and is exposed to a dog with fleas, you won’t have to worry about having a problem at home. Flea preventative is for your protection.

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What is the minimum age for my dog and does he/she need to be neutered spayed in order to be enrolled in the Day Fitness and Care program?

Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old to participate in our program. Because we believe in allowing growth plates to set prior to spay/neuter, requirements for this will be set on a case by case basis. In heat females will not be allowed to participate during the heat cycle.

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How will my dog spend his/her day at Barking Dog Fitness?

As part of our Day Fitness and Care program, a customized workout program is designed for your dog based on your goals and our recommendations. Ideally, your dog will have two individual workouts per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These workouts vary, and may include time running on a treadmill, to working on specific muscle groups and training techniques. If you choose to pick your dog up early, or drop off late, there may only be one workout period per day. Just like traditional doggie daycare, your dog will also have plenty of indoor and outdoor social/play time and rest time at different intervals during the day.

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Can I bring my dog’s toys?

No. We will have toys/equipment to keep your dog entertained when not working out. Many dogs are possessive of their own things and we want to avoid confrontations that may occur if your dog is trying to protect “his stuff.”

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What are your emergency protocols?

For any situation we deem to be an emergency, if time allows, we will immediately contact you or your emergency contact. If given approval, we will transport your dog to our local veterinarian, John Young Animal Hospital. If circumstances allow, you also have the option to pick up your dog and go to your personal veterinarian. If you or your contact can’t be reached or we deem the emergency too great, we will immediately transport your dog to the hospital. The veterinary hospital is located directly across the street from us. We will make every effort to contact you or your emergency contact as quickly as possible.

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What happens if my dog starts a fight?

To provide a safe environment for other dogs as well as our canine counselors, we have a zero tolerance policy for such aggressive behavior. Any aggression toward other dogs and / or canine counselors will not be tolerated. As such, your dog will no longer be welcome at Barking Dog Fitness.

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Will my dog get sick at Barking Dog Fitness?

We try to stay on top of any possible illness and take necessary precautions. However, just like with kids at school or daycare, viruses may be passed between dogs. If your dog comes down with anything contagious, he/she must stay home until your vet says it’s okay to return.

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Will my dog get hurt at Barking Dog Fitness?

The safety of the dogs is always our first priority. In our initial interview, we make every attempt to weed out inappropriate behavior. We closely monitor dogs to avoid any confrontations. However, dogs use their mouths and paws to play; therefore, little scratches & nicks are not uncommon. When these situations arise, we treat the wound at our facility, if necessary. If we feel the wound is deep, or is causing discomfort, we will call you or your emergency contact. If anything serious should happen, we will transport your dog to the veterinarian across the street and notify you immediately.

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How much does your Day Fitness and Care program cost?

Our program is set up to be membership based, but we do offer a single day pass for people who occasionally want to take advantage of our service, or for people who travel in to town and are looking for a unique place for their dog to spend the day. Please visit our Pricing page for more information.

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Are there other additional services and items I can purchase for my dog?

Yes. As a member, you have the option of adding a swim and a massage session for your dog at a discounted price. A limited number of high quality supplements are also available for sale. We also offer regular and periodic classes and workshops. See the Calendar for times and dates.

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How does your Day Fitness and Care program benefit my dog?

Our program benefits your dog in a number of ways. We are the only facility of its kind that offers a personalized fitness component as part of a dog daycare experience. Our customized workout programs are geared to help or keep your dog in peak fitness. Just like with humans, when dogs work out and stay in shape, they are healthier and happier and generally have a longer and better quality of life. The limited number of dogs we have in our program each day ensures your dog gets one-on-one attention, something that doesn’t happen in most dog daycare facilities. One-on-one attention improves your dog’s emotional and mental balance.