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Barking Dog Fitness Blog

Glucosamine Supplements

Many of the people who bring their dogs to us for hydrotherapy and fitness do so because their dogs have some sort of joint issue. As part of a holistic approach to their dog’s health care we’ll typically ask the owner if they are giving their dog any supplements which may help with mobility. One

Quality Food – An Important Component to Your Dog’s Health

Just the other day, a friend of mine who used to work in the veterinary field and knows quite a bit about dog nutrition got into a bit of a Facebook squabble with someone about dog food and food quality. My friend posted that he was cooking for his dog because for years, the dog

Outdoor Exercise Ideas for You and Your Dog

It’s spring, one of the best times in central Florida to be outside. It’s also a great time to take your exercise regimen outdoors. Since the weather has not yet turned hot and humid, why not consider including your dog in your outdoor exercise activities? And if you’re not exercising, this is a perfect time

Stretching Your Dog for Hind End Flexibility

Recently we’ve seen an increase in dogs who are suffering from hind end stiffness. Several of these dogs are swimming with us to keep from losing muscle mass in their rear – which is a good thing – but these dogs can also benefit from regular stretching and passive range of motion exercises. Why stretch your

Exercising Your Young Dog

Have you recently added a puppy to your family? What about your existing four-legged family members – are they younger than two years old? If so, I’m sure you’re keenly aware of how much energy they have and what it may take to tire them out. But because young dogs are still growing, you have

Hydrotherapy for Maintaining Your Dog’s Health and Fitness

It’s now the beginning of 2016 and the Rocky’s Retreat/Barking Dog Fitness house dogs,  Yankee and Beau are 8+ and 10+ years old respectively. Both are at an ideal weight, muscular and physically fit. Both Toby and I have worked hard to make sure our dogs stay this way, and as a new year begins,

Outdoor Fun with Your Dog

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we have. The weather has become a bit cooler! What does that mean for dogs? It seems like their energy level increases ten fold! All of a sudden the dog who slowly wandered around the yard a couple of months ago is now doing “zoomies” at every opportunity.

Ideas for Helping Arthritic Dogs

Do you have a dog who may be exhibiting symptoms of arthritis? Some symptoms include walking stiffly, having trouble getting up, favoring one limb or limping, or being unable to jump on the bed or into the car, or climb stairs. Having arthritis isn’t restricted to older dogs, we’ve worked with dogs who begin experiencing

ACL Tears in Dogs

It seems that the longer we are in business, the more we hear about ACL tears in dog’s knees. We’ve helped a number of dogs avoid surgery when their ACL was partially torn, and we’ve worked with an even greater number of dogs who had surgery, to get them back to normal function again. ACL

Puppy Push Ups for Strength and Flexibility

Most people teach puppy push ups as a “sit-down-stand” movement, but in my viewpoint, that’s more of a modified squat, especially if the front paws are elevated. My idea of a puppy push up is more like a “play bow” where the front legs go down on the ground, but the hind end stays up.