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Barking Dog Fitness Blog

ACL Tears in Dogs

It seems that the longer we are in business, the more we hear about ACL tears in dog’s knees. We’ve helped a number of dogs avoid surgery when their ACL was partially torn, and we’ve worked with an even greater number of dogs who had surgery, to get them back to normal function again. ACL

Puppy Push Ups for Strength and Flexibility

Most people teach puppy push ups as a “sit-down-stand” movement, but in my viewpoint, that’s more of a modified squat, especially if the front paws are elevated. My idea of a puppy push up is more like a “play bow” where the front legs go down on the ground, but the hind end stays up. 

Digging – a Great Exercise? Yes!

Often, people who visit Rocky’s Retreat ask whether we’re going to get rid of what looks like a sand pit in the back yard and replace it with grass, even artificial grass. To that we give a resounding NO! Many dogs LOVE to dig! They dig for many reasons, like they’re hot and want to cool

Canine Cross Training

Check out this story FOX35 News did on canine cross training, featuring us!    

Setting Fitness Goals for Your Dog for Better Health

Do you want to get your dog in better shape? Perhaps lose a few pounds? Improve his agility time? Just like with humans, the best way to set and keep a fitness goal for your dog is to be specific with the goal, and have a way to measure the results. If you would like

The Perfect “Sit”

I attended an interesting workshop in Denver a few weeks ago, taught by some of the nation’s leaders in the field of canine fitness. There we learned the importance of making sure a dog has a good foundation and proper form of any exercise before progressing on to a more difficult version of the exercise.

Supplements that Help Dogs with Arthritis and Joint Pain

Do you have a dog that’s middle aged and is starting to exhibit signs of arthritis? What about a dog with hip dysplasia or other joint problems? If so, giving a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement may benefit your dog. Glucosamine/chondroitin supplements are becoming one of the most often used supplements in the pet industry for the treatment

Building a Dog’s Hind Leg Strength by Sitting Pretty

“Sitting Pretty” or Sit Up and Beg is a great exercise for building hind leg strength, and it also works to build a dog’s core. Take a look at this short video of Kazou, a canine athlete, who has mastered this exercise especially whenever a tennis ball is involved! To teach this exercise, have your dog

2015 – The Year of Fitness Gadgets

I think 2015 is going to be the year of fitness gadgets for both you and your dog. In 2014, activity trackers from companies like Fitbit became very popular, and in 2015, I think we’ll not only see more of these devices but also see major improvements so they can not only monitor movement and

The Holidays, Stress and Your Dog – How Exercise Can Help

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people, but it can also be stressful for your dog. Extra family and children around that your dog isn’t used to, disruption to routine, traveling, and so on can cause stress for the whole family. Dogs thrive on routine, yet the holidays are generally not routine.