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Barking Dog Fitness Blog

2015 – The Year of Fitness Gadgets

I think 2015 is going to be the year of fitness gadgets for both you and your dog. In 2014, activity trackers from companies like Fitbit became very popular, and in 2015, I think we’ll not only see more of these devices but also see major improvements so they can not only monitor movement and

The Holidays, Stress and Your Dog – How Exercise Can Help

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people, but it can also be stressful for your dog. Extra family and children around that your dog isn’t used to, disruption to routine, traveling, and so on can cause stress for the whole family. Dogs thrive on routine, yet the holidays are generally not routine.

Successful Weight Loss with Hydrotherapy

Check out the amazing before and after photos of Lulu, who started hydrotherapy 3 times a week to lose weight. Lulu is quite the couch potato and is adverse to doing anything physical unless it’s the rare occasion where she gets interested in chasing a rabbit. Hydrotherapy works wonders for weight loss. Often, dogs who

The Importance of Warming Up Your Dog Before Exercise

Do you and your dog like to work out together? Go for a jog, or a brisk walk together? If you do, that’s great for both of you, but remember that both of you need to warm up prior to kicking it into high gear. The benefits of warming up prior to exercise are clear.

Exercise to Help with Your Dog’s Behavior Problems

In a way, dogs are like kids, they need something to do and if you don’t give them that something, they’ll find something on their own, generally not to your liking. As a species, they’re used to working but the only job most dogs have these days is that of a couch potato. The most

Getting a Dog on a Treadmill – Easy!

Here’s a short video showing Beau, a beautiful boxer getting on the treadmill for the first time. Beau is unsure of new situations, people and places, so we think he did really well for his first time!

Coordination and Balance Exercises for Your Dog

Why is it important to include coordination and balance exercises into your dog’s fitness routine? The main reason is to help prevent injuries. If you think of the way dogs run and play, twisting and turning, injuries can occur, especially in an unfit dog. These exercises help dogs develop proprioception, your dog’s ability to know where

Create an Obstacle Course for Your Dog’s Fitness

One great way to help keep your dog fit and exercised is to create an obstacle course for your dog to walk over, under, or through. One great thing about obstacle courses is that you can put them up inside or outside depending on the weather. Plus, the tools needed aren’t expensive. What are some

Why Massage Your Dog?

Have you ever had a massage? If so, I bet you felt great afterward! What about your dog? Will he feel the same way? Absolutely! If you’re not already massaging your dog, you should consider it, especially after exercise. Here are some reasons why. Massage reduces stress. Contrary to what many people believe, dogs do

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Why worry about one extra pound on your dog? On a big dog, one pound may not matter, but for a small dog that could mean 10 percent of his body weight. Lean dogs live longer, healthier lives than those who are overweight. A 14-year study showed that lean dogs can live two years longer