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Dogs and Summertime Exercise

With the weather turning toward our typical summertime heat, it’s worth once again talking about exercising your dog in the summertime. Dogs can easily get heat exhaustion and they can get sunburned, some breeds more easily than others. Heat exhaustion is quite common in dogs and can happen even if your dog is simply playing

It’s That Time of Year – to Use a Treadmill!

Have you noticed in the last few days that it’s gotten hot? I have. Just the other day, I turned on my AC for the first time this year! With the weather turning toward our usual summertime heat, it’s time to look at how you’re going to keep your furry friend well exercised. While you

Playing Fetch, a Great Interval Training Exercise

My dog Yankee lives to chase a tennis ball. He’ll do it for hours. I’m happy about that because he’s getting a great interval and strength training workout. He runs as fast as he can to catch the ball, then brings it back to me at a slower trotting pace. I can vary the run time by how

A Balanced Approach to Exercise

Just like with humans, any complete exercise program for dogs should be balanced. By that I mean it should include exercises that build muscle strength and size, cardio training to build endurance, balance exercises to increase coordination and prevent injury, stretching to increase or maintain flexibility and mental stimulation to challenge your dog’s mind. Strength

Our “Wherever You Go for an Hour or So™” Program

Have you ever had the need to run a few errands, like go to the grocery store, and then find that you’ve run out of time to exercise your dog? If so, we have a solution! Our “Wherever You Go for an Hour or So™” program gives you the opportunity to drop your dog off

Interval Training for Your Dog’s Overall Health

We were talking to WFTV Channel 9 anchor Vanessa Welch the other day as she prepares her dog Baylor for the SPCA of Central Florida’s Run for the Rescues on May 17th. Even though Baylor is participating in our twice a week weight loss boot camp, Vanessa asked what extra she should be doing to

Stretches for Neck Flexibility

Why stretch your dog’s neck? Because they routinely get tight from looking up and down.  Stretching helps to release restrictions that can occur as your dog goes about his day. The neck moves in four directions so your stretching should be in those four directions.  Here how it’s done. Use flexion and extension to stretch

Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes in humans is relatively common, but what about in our dogs? Actually, it’s quite common in dogs as well. While certain breeds such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, Miniature Schnauzers, and Poodles are predisposed to diabetes, dogs who are obese are at a much greater risk for developing the disease. With 54% of

Running With Your Dog

Dogs love to run – you can see the excitement during play – they’re ready for the chase if the right incentives are there. Most times that incentive is me and my dog and I look forward to our run together.  Running is a great way to maintain my dog’s weight, improve muscle tone, maintain

How Can Hydrotherapy Help Your Dog?

Canine hydrotherapy combines high quality, non-weight bearing, low impact swimming and movement in water with therapeutic massage and/or other bodywork. In each session, the degree to which water movement and bodywork is combined is tailored to the individual needs of the dog. A healthy dog for example, may spend most of the session power swimming,