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Running With Your Dog

Dogs love to run – you can see the excitement during play – they’re ready for the chase if the right incentives are there. Most times that incentive is me and my dog and I look forward to our run together.  Running is a great way to maintain my dog’s weight, improve muscle tone, maintain

How Can Hydrotherapy Help Your Dog?

Canine hydrotherapy combines high quality, non-weight bearing, low impact swimming and movement in water with therapeutic massage and/or other bodywork. In each session, the degree to which water movement and bodywork is combined is tailored to the individual needs of the dog. A healthy dog for example, may spend most of the session power swimming,

Exercising With Your Dog – How About Biking?

I try to be with my dog as much as possible – he’s young and energetic and I’ve noticed that walking him, even a few times a day, doesn’t provide enough exercise to burn off all his excess energy.  Running works, but I don’t like to run all the time and many people I know

Exercise and Your Dog

In our business, we’ve noticed that most people think aqua therapy and other structured exercise programs are only for dogs who have some sort of problem, such as arthritis, dysplasias, weight issues, and other joint or spinal problems. That can’t be farther from the truth. Just like humans, dogs need more exercise than they typically

Strength Exercises for your Senior Dog

Contributed by  Anthony Woerner, PTA and CCRP. One way to assist senior dogs is through muscle strengthening programs. By strengthening the muscles it can help alleviate weight on sore joints. There is substantial credible evidence that supports the use of resistance training to maintain muscle mass. For some seniors body weight and gravity is plenty

Alarming Statistics on Dog Obesity

Obesity is the number one preventable medical condition seen in veterinary hospitals today. A recent survey conducted by The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) revealed some startling facts: 55% of dogs were overweight or obese. This equates to 35 million overweight dogs and 11 million obese dogs. 62.7% of all golden retrievers and 58.9%

Exercise and Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip socket, a hereditary condition and the most common single cause of arthritis of the hips in dogs.  In its more severe form, it can eventually cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. Just because a dog has hip dysplasia doesn’t mean you want to

Why Are Dogs Overweight?

That’s a great question. Part of the problem is that people just don’t think their dogs are fat and are just fine the way they are. Even if they do recognize their dog is overweight, they may not understand the health ramifications of being fat and believe it’s OK. So how are our dogs getting

How To Tell If Your Dog is Overweight

According to Chris Zink, DVM and PhD, our dogs depend on us to put food in their bowls, but more often than not we are putting too much in the bowl.  Working dogs and those that are expected to jump, run over rough ground, or compete in agility are more prone to injury because of

The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Dogs

Maintaining your dog’s health is one of the primary advantages of regular exercise.  It reduces the risk of heart disease and other illnesses such as arthritis and obesity as well as minimizing the development of behavioral issues.  Lack of exercise can result in boredom and frustration and in an attempt to relieve these feelings dogs