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How To Tell If Your Dog is Overweight

According to Chris Zink, DVM and PhD, our dogs depend on us to put food in their bowls, but more often than not we are putting too much in the bowl.  Working dogs and those that are expected to jump, run over rough ground, or compete in agility are more prone to injury because of

The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Dogs

Maintaining your dog’s health is one of the primary advantages of regular exercise.  It reduces the risk of heart disease and other illnesses such as arthritis and obesity as well as minimizing the development of behavioral issues.  Lack of exercise can result in boredom and frustration and in an attempt to relieve these feelings dogs

New Way to Help Your Dog Lose Weight – Not!

Just read another interesting article by Dr. Karen Becker, a veterinarian and integrative pet care expert. This one talks about Biotech, a biopharmaceutical company that was just awarded the first US patent for a vaccine to treat obesity in dogs and cats. Being an integrative vet, Dr. Becker is against unnecessary vaccines, so of course

Exercising Your Puppy

Puppies have a lot of energy so we may assume they need more exercise than adult dogs. Not true. Giving your pup the same amount and type of exercise as you would give an adult dog can result in lameness or deformity when he matures. The bodies of puppies are quite different from adult dogs.

Exercise Away Your Dog’s Holiday Stress!

The holidays can be a stressful time for both you and your dog.  Dogs thrive on routine, and the normal daily routines you and your dog are used to are bound to change.  Your dog may have to deal with more people around, strangers touching him, excited children possibly pulling and/or hitting him, excessive noise,

Exercise – a Great Gift for Your Dog and You!

A tired dog is a happy pet parent.  When dogs are well exercised and receive enough cardio, they are calmer and it’s much easier for them to focus.  Exercise does several things for your dog.  It controls weight, increases muscle mass and bone density and can slow the aging process. A dog that receives an

The Benefits of Cardio Exercise for Dogs (and You)!

When we speak of “cardio” we assume we’re referring to aerobic exercise.  As a definition “aerobic” literally means “living in air” and refers to the use of oxygen to adequately meet energy demands using exercise. Just like us, our dogs require cardiovascular exercise to increase and/or maintain their fitness level. The advantages of including a

Exercising Your Senior Dog

Just because your dog is considered a senior doesn’t mean he doesn’t want or need exercise. That being said, seniors’ needs are different from younger dogs and more care and thought is required when it comes to the amount and type of exercise you plan for them. Unlike us, dogs are considered senior at different

Mental Stimulation for Dogs Through Exercise

Ask yourself how you would feel if you constantly spent every day, all day at home alone without any interaction with people and very little to keep our minds occupied. Those of us who have dogs and lead busy lives many times do exactly that to our dogs.  We leave our dogs at home alone

Tips for Selecting the Right Doggie Daycare for Your Dog

When you leave for the day, does your dog get depressed, lonely and bored? Have you been thinking of sending him to doggie daycare? If so, what should you be looking for? Just like selecting a daycare for your child, choosing the right doggie daycare takes time and research. Your first consideration should be convenience.