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Canine Conditioning – The Cool Down Period

Just like a cool down period is important for us after exercising, dogs need to be allowed to do the same.    This is important for muscle recovery and will flush out lactic acid and other metabolites which can cause muscle soreness.  The cool down period should be about 5 to 10 minutes.  This will allow

Canine Conditioning – Specific Conditioning Techniques

Cross training is the healthiest way to keep your dog physically fit because it builds endurance and strength.  Endurance involves running or swimming long distances and gradually increasing the distance, intensity and time.  Strength entails working, pulling and up-hill work for short periods at maximum intensity. Treadmills are great for training because they can be

Canine Fitness Conditioning – 1st step – Proper Warm-up

When we exercise, for the most part, we know the steps we need to take to prevent potential injury and muscle soreness.  Unfortunately, we don’t always put these steps into practice. Sometimes we may be lazy with our exercise practices, but we can’t be lazy with our dogs.  Our dogs count on us for almost

The Importance of Core Strength for Your Dog

It’s well known that personal trainers and medical professionals stress the importance of core strength in order to maintain a strong and healthy body.  The same is true for dogs. Core muscles for us and our dogs support the back, which subsequently supports the entire body.  They maintain balance and allow us to be mobile

Exercise – Life Stages – Puppies and Exercise

When exercising your puppy or young dog, say under a year old, you need to be aware of how much exercise they are getting at one time. Think “moderation” and you’ll be fine. Their bones and joints are still developing and generally the growth plates are not closed before 12-18 months. Large breeds may take